I recall a time, years ago, when braided line was making a comeback. I was fishing tournaments in Florida and my partner showed up to one with the hideous stuff spooled up on one of his rods. Being the purist I am, I pitched a fit until he promised not to use that rod. You see, for me, braids were way too visible to the fish. Nothing but the most desperate fish suffering from hyperopia (far-sightedness) were going to bite if they could see that god-awful “rope.”

I’m no stranger to braided lines. I was introduced to them long ago as a youngster. My first baitcaster was an old Pflueger Akron level wind, with a thick-leather thumbing pad. That ugly duckling was spooled with the most heinous jet-black Dacron I’d ever seen.

That line looked like a really long black shoestring to me. Needless to say, I stripped it off and replaced it as fast as you can say “monofilament.” So I winced when these new “superlines” were introduced. I thought they were just another ploy by manufacturers to sell naive fishermen something that wouldn’t work. Hey, put it in a pretty package, garnish it with a flashy foil label and have some big name endorse it and you’ve got a winner, right?

Well, much has changed since those days. Now I’m a firm believer and user of braids. The one drawback is that these lines sink too slowly for certain techniques. Enter Sufix 832. This superline is suited perfectly for techniques that require deep-water presentations or the use of fluorocarbon. The combination of Dyneema fibers and proprietary GORE fibers makes for a braid that sinks plenty fast.

The Sufix 832 ties nicely to clear lines (mono and fluoro leaders) and stays tied. I found the white color is bright and easy to see above the water, and it all but vanishes when under the water — a great combo for sure. While the line’s texture is smooth, I like using it best on a baitcaster. The UV protective coating promises to keep line supple even as it gets old. Being a superline, I really like the fact that you can feel subtle strikes down deep — a distinct advantage over clear lines.

Sufix 832 Ghost (white) is available in 150-yard and 300-yard spools, ranging from 6- to 80-lb. test. ($21.99-$39.99)