Yo-Zuri America is a leading manufacturer of saltwater hardbaits, and in my opinion, its Sashimi series of finishes is one of the best innovations in tackle design in years. This year the company has expanded its freshwater line of baits, adding the Sashimi Shallow Crank and the Sashimi Flat Crank.

Both new crankbaits feature the Sashimi finish as the name implies. As the bait moves through the water, the color changes depending on the angle of viewing. Another unique feature to these baits is what the company calls their Wave Motion Vibration. The exterior of the baits have a series of vertical lines. When pulled through the water, these vertical lines disturb the laminar flow (non-turbulent flow) of water around the bait, sending out more vibration than typical smooth-sided baits.

On a recent trip to Florida, I gave these baits a whirl. While fishing over emergent hydrilla, I tied on a Sashimi Shallow Crank. What I first noticed was just how chubby this bait is. Fishing it shallow, with my rod tip high on a slack line, I was able to displace a significant amount of water as I “waked” it. This disturbance pulled fish from under the hydrilla and resulted in aggressive strikes. My bait was the 2 ¾-inch ½-ounce model, and this fat-bodied lure cast great even against a stiff wind.

I then gave a Sashimi Flat Crank a whirl on a deep-water cut-bank on the St. John’s River. What’s immediately noticeable about the Flat Crank is, well, just how flat this bait is. The narrow body with flat sides offers an odd feel when cranked. It definitely has a different vibration than rounder-styled crankbaits. I think the flat-sides give it a tighter wiggle than other crankbaits. The coffin-bill worked well around snags and the bait throws nicely.

I would recommend either of these baits as they offer another dimension that other crankbaits don’t offer, that of the vertical line vibration, a unique color scheme and somewhat different fish-catching actions.

MSRP: $14.95