The Louisiana Delta is the perfect place for a beginner to learn how to fish, and I know, because until I went there my fishing experience consisted of three backyard-pond bluegills.

Two weeks ago the Field & Stream and Outdoor Life staff trucked it all the way down the road to Buras, Louisiana to spend some time with Cajun Fishing Adventures. We spent the mornings in meetings and the afternoons fishing.

On the marsh a novice angler, of which we had a few, could easily catch an array of fish including: redfish, alligator gar, drum, flounder and more. There are at least 183 species of freshwater fish in the Mississippi Delta. One coworker caught three redfish for three casts. Some coworkers were smacked by flying Asian carp.

You would speed across the open water one minute with the wind whipping your hat right off your head (if you were naive enough to leave it on), and then slowly careen through the marsh with gators sinking beneath the water just before you reached them to get a better look. That’s not even touching upon the 400 different species of birds that flocked overhead, the loveliest being the roseate spoonbill, which looks like a flamingo and can only be found along the Gulf in the US.

One day on the water we fished all day with shrimp on a jig, and got slammed in most spots by big redfish. This is the kind of fishing that an angler of any ability could do and enjoy, the kind that will make you want to come back for more.

The best part of the trip wasn’t catching fish. The best part was being surrounded by the pulsating life of the Mississippi River delta. The best part was being surrounded by people, each and every one different from the next, with the same passion for the land that is quickly disappearing–people who are fighting to restore coastal Louisiana to its former splendor.

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