Any angler worth their salt is familiar with the original Eagle Claw snelled hook package. The familiar red, white, and blue package has been an industry standard since the late ’40’s. But who is the mystery man shown so prominently holding that “stringer” of nice trout? After all, this fishing icon must have a name, right?

In the spring of 1938, Paul Mount started his career with the Sharp Point Fishhook Co. in Colorado. Sharp Point was a subsidiary of the Wright & McGill Co. of Eagle Claw fame. Mount had just graduated from high school–and landing a job with a fishing company was a dream come true, as Mount was an avid angler. Mount worked initially in the quality control department, checking tens-of-thousands of hook eyes for imperfections (yikes).

In the summer of 1946, Mount tagged along on a fishing trip with Drew McGill, Stanley Wright, Floyd McCall (a photographer for the Denver Post) and then movie star Dennis Morgan. Mount was to serve as a guide for the group who were fishing the Fryingpan, Crystal and Roaring Fork Rivers in Colorado. All waters Mount had fished extensively growing up in Colorado.

At the end of a successful day on the river, Drew McGill asked Mount to “string up” a batch of trout from the days catch. The idea was to get a picture of movie star Morgan with the fish. Morgan had been fishing with a Wright & McGill Granger fly rod that day and Mount was unable to find a suitable stick.

Quick to improvise, Mount fetched the tip section from Morgan’s very spendy fly rod to “string’ the fish on. Photographer McCall asked to snap a few pictures of Mount because of his “all-American, clean-cut” looks. After the pictures were developed, Wright & McGill were so impressed with Mount’s modeling, they featured the now famous picture in the company’s 1947 catalog and subsequently on their Eagle Claw hook packages.