We recently asked you to weigh in on why you love fishing, and just like we expected, received a mixed bag of responses.

The winner of the “Why Do Dudes Love Fishing?” caption contest is BubbaK, who wrote:

“I fish because fishing is the ultimate sport for optimists – each time you cast into the water, there’s a chance that your bait could be taken by almost anything. Bass, catfish, snakehead, trout, panfish, etc. all have their excitement and their challenges. Any cast could be the one to produce a strike. The anticipation of a strike, watching a fish hit the surface while chasing prey, the struggle of the fish, the leaping and running, then bringing the fish to your feet before ultimately releasing it and watching it return to the current to live and fight another day, are all part of the experience.

Then there is the fact that you’re surrounded by some of the most beautiful places on Earth. A trout stream in the mountains, a charter boat on the ocean, a pier on a river, a bass boat on a lake – in any of those places, you’re surrounded by nature in all of its majesty. Especially when you get to go for a time to camp and leave it all behind, to have some scotch and a good cigar… There is truly is no better place to be! That’s part of the reason this dude loves fishing.”

Congratulations, BubbaK. You will be receiving a medium-heavy spinning rod and reel combo and an assortment of Berkley soft plastic baits valued at over $60.