Today I was contemplating life. While pawing through my bags of worms, soft creepy-crawlies, and other plastic treats I happened on a pack of Z-Man 10X Tough Zinkerz. I did what most of us “bass people” do when no one was looking–I mashed down on the worms, letting them squish out from under my fingers and squirt around in the bag. For some odd reason–that’s just fun to do.

While playing with the Zinkerz, I came to the conclusion that I hope there’s no such thing as reincarnation. Cause if there is–I’m in deep, deep trouble. Reincarnation lore has it we’re destined to come back after death in another life form. If true, I’m sure I’ll be remolded and repackaged as a bass. Now, considering these Zinkerz, that can’t be good news.

I imagine me, suspended lazily on a deep rock pile with my good eye scanning the bottom for juicy crustaceans. When all of a sudden, one of these Zinkerz dangles in front of me. Even though I would know it’s not real (given my previous human experience with them), I’d have to give it a nip.

First of all, it’d be rigged wacky. Yum, wacky, my all-time favorite presentation. Then it’d be falling salaciously, with that “just right” jiggle, that hypnotizing wiggle, and seductive hip gyration that mesmerizes fat fish (and reincarnated fish too). Now I couldn’t help myself. I’d beat the rest of my school to it (I’ve always been a fast swimmer) and lap it up like a toddler on a double-chocolate dip cone. Seconds later, the man upstairs would cross my eyes with a bone-jarring hook set. Yep, an express trip up top and into someone’s net (hopefully I’d get duped by a nice, elderly gentlemen with a kind heart, soft hands and an affinity for catch-and-release).

The folks at Z-Man Fishing Products manufacture an entire line of 10X Tough soft plastics. Their claim to fame is they outlast other soft plastics some tenfold. Having fished this gooey-soft stuff extensively, I can tell you — it catches fish and lasts a long, long time. In today’s tough economic climate, saving a buck or two on baits quickly adds up.

Z-Man plastics are available in a variety of colors, and Zinkerz retail for a reasonable $3.49/6-pack.