I’d just gotten done rototilling a food plot last Sunday when I heard a car pull up the driveway. My friend Nina Pixley popped through the front door and interrupted my thoughts of big bucks and brassica. Nina had a smiling – no, make that beaming – youngster in tow.

“Gerry, you’ve got to see this fish,” Nina said, reaching for her iPhone while introducing me to her 12-year-old niece Morgan. “It’s a huge bass! Morgan wanted to go fishing even though she says that she never catches any fish and she caught this big bass.”

I’m not sure what was cooler, hearing the words fly out of Nina’s mouth — all at the same time — or watching Morgan bop back and forth about the room. “I thought I was stuck cause I never catch fish and then I knew I had one,” she said, in the same excited verbal staccato as her aunt.

“It’s the biggest fish I ever caught!”

Indeed, it was a big bass and if Kevin Van Dam himself would have caught it, the fish would have made it to weigh in. Was it a Fish of the Year? For Morgan it was a fish of a lifetime!

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