After spending years working in a field specializing in the study of how human beings interact with machines, I’ve made a couple observations on the way most fishermen interact with their spinning combos. In particular, how the average angler holds a spinning rod.

For most, the traditional reel-post-through-the-middle-finger-and-ring-finger grip is standard fare. While this may seem quite natural, it is the worst possible way to hold a spinning combo from a biomechanical standpoint because it precludes you from being able to grip the rod in a fist-like manner, which is the strongest and most natural grip. In addition, putting a bulky reel post between your fingers causes undue fatigue and pain. The pain is caused when casting as the reel’s hangs under the rod, working directly on your hand.

Try gripping your spinning rod with your fingers forward the next time out — with your entire rod hand in front of the reel post. This accomplishes two things: First, this provides a strong, steady grip when setting the hook and muscling fish from cover. Secondly, it allows you to fish for hours pain-free. You’ll be amazed at how much more comfortable you will feel when you remove that reel post from between your fingers.

I’m confident you’ll see how much better this is over your tired old grip.