My first “waders” were garbage bags wrapped with rubber bands to keep them up. They worked like a charm until the rubber bands cut off the circulation to my legs. My legs went numb and I dropped like toddler on his first pair of skates. I nearly drowned.

Eventually I was able to afford my first real pair of waders and then I even got a real pair of fishing shoes. Those fancy-smancy pups came equipped with little fish embroidered on the tongue. Now let me tell you, if you’ve got fish embroidered on your shoes, your lunker haul will double just because you look like a pro angler.

Decades have since passed, and I have a new pair of favorite fishing shoes which make their pedestrian predecessors pale in comparison. They’re my Columbia Power Drains. They’ve logged a few schools-worth of smallies, six livewells of largemouth, three ill-tempered black tip sharks, a monster marlin, and a lone bonefish while on the wade in Key West.

They’re lightweight, quick drying, and sufficiently fashionable enough to elicit the envy of any Sunday school teacher.