Apple revolutionized on-the-go connectivity with the introduction of their iPad. As good as these gadgets are, get one wet, and they’ll stammer to a screeching stop.

The folks at LifeProof have introduced their NUUD case, one designed to take the iPad places it’s never been capable of trekking. The NUUD, with its rubberized case and circumferential O-ring seal, renders iPads waterproof (to a bit over 6-feet), dustproof, and shockproof.

The case doesn’t add any significant weight or bulk. Additionally, all the buttons function normally as does the speaker and external interfaces.

I love the fact I can tote it along on the boat without any concern for getting it wet. If the fish aren’t cooperating, I can go online and check fishing reports that may improve my luck.

It’s also great companion when camping, off-roading, hiking, or while enjoying any other outdoor activity where you might expect to encounter environmental nasties.

The bottom line is this, the NUUD is one of the most innovative products I have tested in the last decade–it’s that good. MSRP: $149