When the mercury begins to drop and waters turn chilly, fish begin to lose their appetite for the aggressive bite and nose down for deep water. Finding the right “go-to” baits becomes critical when conditions turn cold, and versatility plays a factor if you want to consistently put fish in the box.

Berkley’s new Twitchtail Minnow is perfectly suited for such fishing scenarios. It can get down deep and mine big fish up from the depths. I recommend fishing it on a drop-shot rig for smallies suspending on rock piles, or Carolina rigging it for largemouth at depths. In either case, opt for light line, with fluorocarbon being your best bet.

The Twitchtail Minnow will excel if you’re chasing walleyes. Tip a favorite jig head with one and either drag it or gently hop it on the bottom; it will raise a few stingy fish that refuse live or dead baits.