Winters doldrums can challenge the most patient bass fishermen. If you’re having trouble drawing strikes from traditional presentations, give dead sticking a try the next time you’re out.

Dead sticking is probably the easiest soft plastic technique in all of bass’in. All you do is cast a bait into a likely haunt and then simply let it fall on a slack line without any action. Rigging is almost as easy as fishing a dead-sticked plastic. I personally throw mine rigged weightless; either skin hooked Texas style or whacky-style. In either case, the trick is to let the bait have plenty of bottom time.

Spinning rigs excel for this technique as they allow you to manage your slack line with ease. Once cast, keep the line slack, allowing you to see the fish hit. A word of caution though: you’ll rarely feel it. In most instances, you’ll notice your line start wandering off slowly. When you do, set the hook.

One last note, extend the amount of bottom time until you start getting bit–as odd as that might sound.