Most fly rods are not designed to target specific species. They’re built to a length and line weight spec. These are considered “generalist rods” and it’s up to the fishermen to determine what fish species a rod is best suited for. For instance, just about any freshwater trout guide will agree a 9-foot 5-weight is the most versatile trout rod in the world. However, understand the rod was not built as a “trout rod.”

But here is a rod designed specifically for bass fishing: the Temple Fork Outfitters Hawgleg. This 7-foot, 11-inch rod is balanced nicely for throwing large bass-style baits like Chewy-Poppers, Mega-Whammies and Dahlberg Divers. I was impressed with how well this two-piece, 9/10 weight rod handles; whether spot-and-stalking bass in shallows while wading or flicking baits from a kayak. The rod’s length managed itself politely from a float tube too.

The rod stores easily and the cork grip is top-notch. A machined aluminum reel seat anchored the reel tightly, and the blank had a plenty of backbone for leveraging large fish from the nasties.

MSRP: $149