Fish aren’t always cooperative. Sometimes the smallest tweaks to your bait can mean the difference between loading the boat or stringer or going home empty-handed.

For example, the bite had dried up on a recent redfish trip. An over-abundance of storm minnows had put the redfish bite in check, as the fish were only interested in these bite-sized treats swimming on the surface.

So when fish turn finicky and start zeroing in on a specific bait, you’ve got to be willing to change up tactics. To accommodate the locals, we went into our tackle boxes and pulled out some shallow running crankbaits. After a few casts, we realized they were running too deep.

So we went to our toolbox. We trimmed the bait’s bill and sanded it down. Now the baits ran on top of the water. And when we presented them again to the redfish, they went nuts for our tweaked baits. Remember, let the fish tell you what they want; and tweak your baits to accommodate their mood. It can make a huge difference.