Professional bass fishermen catch fish on almost any body of water no matter the conditions. So what sets them apart from weekend warriors? Experience first and foremost. Beyond experience, their ability to adapt to the conditions add to their fish catching efficiency.

In contrast, weekend fishermen have a tendency to fall into a rut, throwing a limited number of baits each time they go. When the fish are in the mood for those, they kill ’em. However, the other 90 percent of the time, they spend the day churning water–biteless.

Next time out, try this. If the bite is off on your favorite bait or technique, dig through your box and try something you haven’t thrown in a while. No matter how sure you are it won’t work. Prior to throwing it, determine an amount of time you’ll give it–say 30 minutes. Once the time is up, if you haven’t got a bite, trade out baits for another.

The same goes for technique. Change techniques; opting for ones you’ve read about but never tried before. You’ll be pleasantly surprised when you stumble on a new bait or presentation you can add to your repertoire.