As crowds gather in well-known community holes on local lakes, those in the know resort to off-the-beaten path spots for super-sized panfish. Finding honey holes full of large pan fish is not as difficult as some may think. Here’s how.

1. Go Mobile. Resist the urge to fish community holes on large lakes. Instead, fire up your snowmobile or ATV and head for smaller, less frequented lakes and ponds.

2. Maps it Out. Using Google Earth, check your local area for small bodies of water often overlooked by the masses. When fishing these, make sure you have permission from the owner prior to setting up fishing camp.

3. Skip the Ramps. Make it a rule of thumb to never fish lakes or ponds with boat ramps. The rule of thumb is this: if it has a ramp it’s not off-the-beaten path far enough.

4. Stick to the Tullies. When searching for new spots, pay attention to the vegetation along the banks. Lakes and ponds with the thickest should be targeted as these are the ones which are fished least when not iced over.