Keeping rods looking pristine isn’t too terribly difficult. Rods have few moving parts other than roller guides on the largest of offshore models. As such, a gentle spritz of water after use followed by some light lubricant usually does the trick. However, if your rod is looking a bit tired, try these tips to bring it back to life.

Check Under the Hood
Reel seats are areas where rust and corrosion can collect. On occasion, remove the reel and gently clean any rust or corrosion from the reel seat. Typically a soft toothbrush will work, however, for stubborn corrosion, use a brass brush.

Cork Care
Natural cork handles are the most sensitive grips going. However, after frequent use they can lose their once pristine appearance. To bring a cork handle back to life clean it using a terry cloth towel and a quality cleaner, like 409. Some elbow grease will be needed for stubborn spots.