If you’ve ever seen a shark in the wild you should have the utmost respect for the calm exhibited by the spearfisherman in this video. First posted in June of last year but now tearing up the Web a la that viral thing, the post shows how best to react when a 13-foot tiger shark comes after your hard-earned fish. The guy in this vid has nerves of steel. True, real-man titanium alloy, unfaltering nerve endings.

He calmly moves the fish into his kayak and follows the shark as it circles him, never giving up any water or appearing scared.

The poster, 808divebomber, had this to say about the encounter: “spearfishing at Police Beach [Oahu, Hawaii] until the grey ninja bully showed up. This happened at 11:30 sat 6-9-12 about 150 yards offshore in 10-12 feet of water.”