The freezing temperatures that plagued Bassmaster Classic’s practice days have created a particular problem that will linger into the tournament: ice in fishing rod guides. The often jagged edges of these miniature icicles can knick and fray light lines, while adding friction on every cast.

Oklahoma’s Edwin Evers said this is especially vexing for anglers throwing a bait, and will likely factor greatly in this event.

“You lose tons of distance and when you’re trying to throw a jerkbait, distance is important for getting the bait down. Also, the friction that it produces will stress you’re line too,” he said.

Anglers have experimented with various tactics for minimizing ice buildup. Spray-on lubricants ranging from Kevin Van Dam’s Line and Lure Conditioner to the stalwart WD-40 offer convenient options. Louisiana pro Greg Hackney opts for Blakemore’s Real Magic.

“I went over all my rods once and I’ll go over them again (before each morning launch),” Hackney said. “This makes everything slick, so ice can’t get a grip.”

Some, like Evers and Brent Champman will be treating their rods with Dyna-Tek Rod & Reel Performance towelettes saturated with non-stick, anti-friction lubricants. A 4-pack includes one each of the Rod and Guide Coat, Reel and Line Coat, Ceramic Treatment Maintenance Coat and Alcohol Cleaner. Dyna-Tek’s Bore Coat is made for firearms, but also provides additional ice resistance when applied to rod guides.