Finesse Baits
G. Loomis GLX and Kistler Carbon Steel

The GLX casting rod is an odd duck, with its Jello-y tip and subtle, whip-like action, which create a fantastic platform for twitching short-billed jerkbaits, hopping hair jigs, or walking the dog.

The Carbon Steel spinning rod combines strength for flicking diminutive baits great distances with sensitivity that lets you monitor a bait’s movement across the bottom, allowing you to detect subtle taps from fish suspended on deep structure.


Worm & Jig
Lew’s Team Lew’s

To our knowledge, no rod manufacturer has yet labeled one of its spinning rods as a worm/jig-specific rod, though rest assured, there are legions of fishermen who toss these baits on spinning tackle with tremendous success. The Team Lew’s rod, with its stiff tip and rigid blank, is built for worms and jigs, though it’s not advertised as such. In fact, it will ably fish Carolina rigs too.


Dobyns Coalition

The stiff action of the Dobyns Coalition baitcasting rod shines when it’s used to fish heavy baits. Spinnerbaits, for instance, need the power of a stiff rod to navigate through difficult terrain and create a significant wake profile. Furthermore, to set the large hooks found on these baits, you need a strong rod. The Coalition stands out. It would be equally effective with jigs and worms and swimming baits.


Umbrella Rigs and SwimBaits
Wright & McGill Skeet Reese Alabama Rig

Umbrella rigs and giant swimbaits have inundated bass fishing. These extra-large baits are a load to cast and can be challenging to control on the retrieve. The Wright & McGill Skeet Reese Alabama Rig rod makes short work of heavy-bait chores with its 7-foot 5-inch length, beefy handle, and ample backbone, and enough tip to throw baits long distances while providing great hooksets on a
long line.


Falcon Cara T7

Crankbait fishing has enjoyed a resurgence in popularity, as a plethora of technologically advanced baits have hit the market. But these baits require very specialized rods to work them effectively. The Cara T7 features a gentle tip and a blank that bends uniformly, allowing you to throw crankbaits long distances and fish them convincingly. This, while retaining just enough stiffness to drive light wire hooks home when fish head for deep water.

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