Berkley Havoc Grass Pig


A fast taper shortens the tail section but delivers an appealing wiggle throughout the Grass Pig’s body, while molded gills and eyes add realism. A compact design optimizes castability and makes this bait a good choice for swimming across and through dense vegetation. The Pig floats for taunting pauses over weed holes. (3.5 inches, $3/10; 5 inches, $3/6;

Yum F2 Lil’ Suzee


A conical head with subtle molded eyes minimizes resistance and weed pickup, while the distinctly ribbed body’s bulkier profile casts well in windy conditions. A narrow 1.5-inch tail section, with lighter ribbing and lateral beveling, has plenty of kick. A standard wide-gap swimbait hook easily pierces the narrow nose, but coil-style fasteners require a little more effort. (4.25 inches, $5/8;

Strike King KVD Swim’n Caffeine Shad


It smells like you’re fishing inside a Starbucks, but the coffee aroma masks human scents. A modified version of the Caffeine Shad jerkbait, the Swim’n model’s streamlined body ends with a short, narrow tail section that delivers a sprightly kicking action. Slots on the belly and back facilitate hook placement. (4 or 5 inches, $5/7;

V&M Kickin Shad


A sleek bait when viewed from the top and side, the Kickin Shad’s underside shows the real design effort behind this bait. Molded gills join realistically at the chin, while a generous hook slot extends deep into the body for a supple form. Cutaway sections on either side of the tail decrease mass and increase motion. (5 inches, $5/10;

Wave Tiki Snake


With a flat belly, molded diamond-shaped head (with eyes), and scaly body, the Tiki Snake most resembles something that actually lives in the water. The curly tail, oriented perpendicular to the body, remains upright and briskly kicks with minimal retrieve. The Snake’s floating design allows for strategic pauses at the surface. (5 inches, $4/7;

Gambler Big EZ


There are nice details fore and aft on this bait. Ample nose surface makes hooking easy, while molded eye sockets, eyeballs, and gills resemble those features of a real baitfish. The tail section sprouts as a separate section behind the dorsal hook slot (there’s also a belly hook slot). This design extends the wiggling action nearly halfway up the body. (5 inches, $4/5;