Pro bass fishermen fish fast. They want to cover as much water as possible until they can pattern quality fish and figure out exactly what kind of structure and depth the big bass are relating to. This mentality makes perfect sense for ripping down a rocky shoreline with a crankbait, but grass beds present a larger challenge.

Kevin VanDam and a lot of other pros use a flipping bait to cruised down the outside edge of grasslines quickly. In this video, KVD uses a 1-ounce sinker to punch through the grass and offer a quick presentation with a rodent soft-plastic.

Another key to KVD’s success is following his depth finder. He positions the boat near the weedline edge and runs with his trolling motor parallel to it, flipping to any pockets or points he finds.

With this kind of fishing, bass usually hit immediately if they are going to hit at all. KVD will pitch to an opening in the grass, let his weight hit the bottom, and then pop it once or twice. If he doesn’t get a strike, it’s on to the next flip.

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