Our friends at Sport Fishing magazine took on the herculean task of ranking the top 100 salt water game fish in the world. Here on the Gone Fishin’ blog, we’ll highlight some of the magazine’s top 50 picks. Today is bluefish at #49.

One of only three species in its family, this piranha of the seas can be caught in subtropical and temperate coastal zones around the world. Bluefish are popular with shore and boat anglers alike in southern Australia (where they’re known as tailor), as well as in the U.S. Northeast and mid-Atlantic regions.

With a mouthful of razor teeth and a vicious, voracious attitude to match, roving packs of bluefish are slash-and-burn predators that churn through schools of baitfish, boiling the surface. Although it’s hard to beat live bait for blues, as you might suppose, they’re likely to strike anything moving. That has been known to include unlucky or careless anglers’ fingers; caution in the boat is warranted. Fierce fighters, bluefish occasionally jump when hooked. Some anglers find them delicious; others eschew the strong, dark flesh. The all-tackle record of 31 pounds, 12 ounces came from Hatteras, North Carolina, in 1972.

Avg. Speed (15): 8.90
Avg. Stamina (15): 8.38
Avg. Dynamics (20): 10.10
Avg. Aerial Acrobatics (20): 8.39
Avg. Sight Casting (15): 8.23
Avg. Status (5): 2.24
Avg. Edibility Bonus (10): 3.65
Avg. Grand Total: 50.46

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