As spring finds bass in various stages of their prespawn-to-spawning movement, few baits offer the diversity and effectiveness of a hollow-body frog. California bass pro Ish Monroe favors frogs for the weeks before bass move onto the beds, as well as after they move shallow and set up shop.

“I think bass see the frog as a good source of protein that helps them build up (body mass) to help protect their eggs,” he said. “Also, once the bass spawn, frogs try to eat the eggs, so bass don’t like seeing a frog over their nest. They’ll eat the frog before it can eat their eggs.”

Monroe designed his signature Snagproof Ish’s PHAT Frog for the tight side-to-side walking that taunts bass into striking. Colder days find Monroe walking the frog at a slower pace, while warm days merit a little more pep in the step. If windy conditions make it hard for bass to locate the frog, he’ll go with a popping model that increases the disturbance and enables fish to track the frog better.

Armed with a 7-foot, 4-inch Daiwa rod with 7.3:1 reel and 65-pound braid, Monroe won’t hesitate to cast his frog anywhere from sparse grass to the nastiest mat of tangled weeds. “The great thing about a frog is you can throw it on anything. As long as the water’s less than 10 feet deep, you can catch them on a frog.”

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