Be forewarned. Make preparations now. The invasion may already be underway and will sweep northward up the East Coast from the Carolinas to New York by early June.

Brood II cicadas, maturing underground for the past 17 years, will soon emerge from their dormancy, take wing and begin their search for a mate. As soil temperatures reach 64 degrees, the buzzing (90-decibels worth) will begin. (You can follow the progress of the hatch here.)

The kids will freak out at the mere site of the bugs, but cicadas are largely harmless. However, a billion bugs per square mile is enough to make anyone edgy. The good part is that if you like to fish, get ready for what could be some incredible topwater fishing in the weeks to come as trout, bass, pike, carp and everything else with fins and feathers gorge on the buffet.

In case you haven’t considered using a cicada imitation these past 17 years, here are some pretty cool lures and flies you might want to order. Better ask for next day delivery, though. The ground is warming up fast.

River 2 Sea Cicada Popper


This surface lure swims and gurgles, imitating a fallen or wounded cicada or bug. ($16;

The Claymore Jig


This vibrating jig can be fished in or around docks, rocks, long points, steep bank, grass and other vegetation. ($5;

Reef Runner Cicada


A darting flutter action on the fall and unmatched vibration patterns when retrieved make this lure a fish-catcher. Its bug-like appearance and concave blade produce vibration patterns no other lure can duplicate to attract fish sonically and visually. (apprx. $5,

Imakatsu Dying Cicada


Cast this soft-plastic under overhanging bushes or trees and retrieve with your best imitation of a dying cicada. (apprx. $11;

Tiemco Cicada Magnum Bass


The Cicada Magnum by Tiemco is a true-life imitation of an insect fallen on the surface of the water. The two little wings positioned on the two opposite sides enable the Cicada Magnum to swim on its axis generating the typical action called crawler. (apprx. $20;

Louie’s Cicada


Looking to tie your own cicada fly? Check out these tying instructions.

If you’d like a look at just how good the cicada bite can be, check out these videos:
Carp Fishing

Fishing Live Cicadas

Brown Trout