Editor’s note: Some profane language.

Isaac Brumaghim was kayak fishing two miles off the Hawaiian island of Oahu when he hooked a kawakawa tuna. Brumaghim fought his fish toward the boat and was battling it over his right shoulder when a huge shark chased the tuna straight out of the water. Brumaghim stuck with the fish and actually brought it boatside before shark stole his catch. In the video you can actually see Brumaghim swat the shark (probably a tiger shark) away from his kayak with his fishing rod.

But the coolest part of this clip is Brumaghim’s reaction: a perfect combination of awe, excitement, and fear.

“The shark is part of the ocean, he’s going to want fish and we’re in his domain,” Brumaghim told “So you just have to live with it.”

After the shark encounter, Brumaghim kept fishing and successfully landed two fish from that spot.