Gerrardstown, West Virginia angler Tony Corbin sure wasn’t expecting to break any records when he set out on a first time mission targeting an unpressured private bass pond. But Corbin tossed out a swimbait and ended up landing a new state record rainbow trout that weighed in at 17.31 pounds and taped out at 30.5 inches, beating the previous record by nearly two pounds. He bested the big bow on 10-pound line, showing some professional angling skills.

“When you’re at a good place fishing where a lot of people can’t fish, you take it for what it is. Don’t get me wrong, I’m very happy to have it, but it’s just fishing. I got lucky … It’s all about having fun,” Corbin told the

Corbin is a taxidermist at Corbin’s Wildlife Art, and no doubt he’s got one to hang on the wall now.