May is quickly turning to June which means makos are heading north in waters along the East Coast. The mako’s hard-fighting, high-flying qualities and ferocious predatory nature make it a favorite among shark fishermen, but they’ve also made it a YouTube star.

In the last few years these sharks have been filmed shredding swordfish, harassing spearfishermen, and gobbling down seals. To celebrate the upcoming shark season, we put together the 8 best mako videos on the web.

1) Flying Mako Shark

2) Mako Shark vs Swordfish

3) Mako Shark Cruising at 50 MPH

4) Mako Circles Spearfisherman in Gulf of Mexico

5) Massive Mako Ambushes Diver and Blue Marlin

6) Mako Harasses Divers

7) Sea Lion No Match for Mako

8) Mako vs Kayak