When the Penn International 80 started zipping off line, the crew of the Predator had no idea that the blue marlin on the end of the line would be a record-breaking 1005.9-pound grander.

Captain Brendan Farfan, 27, worked the throttle while the angler, 21-year-old Brendan Bernard, was assisted by crew members, 24-year-old Peter Reid, 26-year-old Michael Rostant and 14-year-old Simon Bernard. All of the crewmembers are from Trinidad and Tobago.

The grander fell for a Black Bart Magic Candy lure, and the ensuing three-hour fight culminated in landing the crew first place in the 2013 Tobago International Game Fishing Tournament as well as setting a new record for the Southern Caribbean Billfish Circuit.

For icing on the cake, the crew also won a B Class Mercedes Benz for their catch.

Photo:JJ Slater/