On a recent trip to Mexico I got to fish Abu Garcia’s new Revo Rocket, the company’s fastest low-profile baitcaster. Thanks to Abu’s D2 gear system and a 9:1 gear ratio, this reel retrieves 37 inches of line per turn.

For the uninitiated, this reel is fast, really fast. For reference, one of the highest gear ratios in our 2013 Tackle Test was from Pinnacle’s Optimus LTE at 7.3:1, which retrieved 30.5 inches of line per turn.

But what’s so great about a high-speed reel?

“A high-speed gear ratio is ideal for pitching and flipping applications. The fast retrieve rate becomes a huge advantage because you can cast to a specific target, work a jig or worm in the strike zone, and get the bait back to the boat quickly. This translates into additional casts per session and allows you to cover more water.” says Abu Garcia’s Associate Product Manager Paul Davis. “The Rocket also excels at techniques that require quick line pick up such as walking-the-dog with topwater baits or burning up buzzbaits.”

The fast reel was a luxury during my trip to Lake El Salto, which was absolutely covered up with timber. Pitching and flipping were the main methods of fishing, and reeling down hard before a hook set was critical for hauling big fish out of the trees. But the need for speed speed comes at a price. The Revo Rocket retails for $299.

More Revo Rocket Features
– 10 stainless steel HPCR bearings + 1 roller bearing
-X-Craftic alloy frame and sideplates for increased corrosion resistance
-Carbon MatrixTM drag system
-Infini brake system allows more adjustability
-Infini II™ spool design for extended castability and extreme loads
-Extended bent carbon handle for more cranking power

Learn more about reel gear ratios here.

Now that you know why you need a high-speed reel, learn where you should be using it to catch your biggest bass ever.