After a Fourth of July weekend spent bass and crappie fishing, my girlfriend and I made the foolish decision to drive from my parents’ cabin in northern Wisconsin back to New York City. The trip, which was supposed to take about 18 hours, ended up lasting more than 25 hours as we battled holiday traffic in Michigan, construction in Ohio, and psychopaths (cab drivers) in New York.

Through it all, I learned some interesting lessons about life on the road:

1) Truck Stop Restaurant in St. Ignace, Michigan is the loneliest place in the world, but they serve excellent chicken wings.

2) Alicia Keys lays down a killer driving track after you’ve consumed 9 cups of coffee and been in the car for 15 hours.

3) Packing opened bags of Gulp! and Powerbait next to your last set of clean clothes is OK, unless you plan to wear those clothes for 25 hours straight while sitting in a small vehicle.

Tell us about the road trip lessons you’ve learned the hard way for the chance to win the fishing tackle prize package pictured here. The best (or funniest) comment wins. Contest ends July 17.