Four anglers fishing with Florida captain Justin Moore landed a monster tarpon last week that could have broken the world record. Drew Denick, Ron Joyce, and Jeremy and Jan Tombl chartered a boat with Moore for a day of tarpon fishing on the Gulf of Mexico.

After a few hours of fishing, the anglers landed several good tarpon including one that went about 160 pounds. Moore had the anglers reel in their baits for the day, but on the retrieve Jan hooked a huge tarpon, according to [
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Over the next 90 minutes, the four anglers took turns battling the fish. When they got the tarpon to the boat, Moore took some measurements and released it. The captain knew the fish was a monster, but he didn’t realize it could have been the biggest ever caught until they got back to shore.

One of the anglers shot an iPad video of the catch and uploaded it to YouTube. Here’s the note that was posted with the video:
“Tarpon was approx. 96-inches long with a 53-inch girth. That would put it around or over 300 pounds based on tarpon weight estimates. The world record tarpon is 286 pounds.

Capt. Scott and Justin Moore are non-kill tarpon anglers. They would rather see someone have a chance to catch the magnificent fish. for more.”_

The fish will not be submitted as a record.