Despite huge ratings, it seems as though not everybody was happy with the Discovery Channel’s Shark Week.

And since seals don’t watch TV — especially documentaries that show them getting devoured in mega-violent slow motion – most of the harsh criticism is coming from humans.

The biggest complaint stems from the channel’s first show of the week, “Megalodon: The Monster Shark Lives.” The problem? The show wasn’t an actual documentary. It was fake.

According to Dara Kerr at CNET, the show used fake evidence and footage and utilized actors as scientists to present the theory that the prehistoric shark could actually exist in today’s oceans. During and following the show Facebook was ablaze with angry viewers. One post read, “Shark week is officially a disgrace after airing that fake documentary.” Another wrote, “I don’t believe anything I see anymore on Discovery. So disappointing. Discovery, you’ve thrown away your equity and credibility with one stupid mockumentary. Congrats.”

The funniest criticism of the show’s (and other shown during the week) usage of fake footage came from Conan O’Brien. His show revealed even more fake footage from Shark week in a hilarious segment.

It’s doubtful that Discovery is upset by the criticism as the show brought in 4.8 million viewers making it the highest rated show in the event’s 26-year history.

Another complaint about Shark Week came from Long Island, New York lifeguards. They say that “shark sightings” go up every year during the weeklong event. George Gorman, deputy director of the state Parks Department said, “We do receive a spike in shark-sighting reports every time.” This makes for a hectic beach scene as each reported sighting has to be investigated and usually means clearing the beach.

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