Some people are really into salmon; others really want to be in salmon. Innovative designers like Chile’s Stiven Kerestegian, creator of Salmon Skin Leather, say why not?

A few years ago, Kerestegian found his inspiration while considering the millions of tons of salmon skin discarded annually his country’s farm-raised salmon processing plants. While the plant saw production waste, the designer from Puerto Vara saw a clever niche.

“When I saw the material, I had an instant a-ha moment,” Kerestegian said in a Youtube video. “It’s something that can be identified with something that is highly desirable, something that is highly premium, something that is eco-friendly and something that is very innovative.”

Kerestegian’s converts the salmon skin into rolls of leather that retains some of the original characteristics. His main product – hand-knit wool slippers with salmon-leather soles, made by a team of Patagonian artisans.

Boasting a material strength similar to that of traditional leather of equal thickness, Kerestegian’s particularly keen on the notion of maximizing this renewable resource. Up cycling the trash, he said, is the goal.

“We’re able to turn the discarded material into something that weighs more per kilo than the actual filet of salmon,” he said. “

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Here’s a video describing the process of making salmon skin leather: