Building a fishing lure collection can drive an angler mad.

Lures of every size, shape and color imaginable can be found in today’s market — each one claiming to help you catch more fish. Some obviously work better than others; some won’t work at all, even if they have an infomercial.

So don’t waste your money on junk lures. To get you started, here are three lures that you can throw out or check off your wish list. And if you really want to catch fish, here are the six essential baits that will fool almost every fish that swims.

Helicopter Lure


Why we chucked it: This infomercial special was touted as “too good to be true,” and it was.

Heddon Hi-Tail


Why we chucked it: This ungainly topwater lure looks like a miniature whale. Whales are not a primary forage species for most gamefish. You’re better off throwing a Jitterbug.

CW Crab


Why we chucked it: This bait looks like it could catch any fish in the ocean that would eat crabs, but then it wiggles. Crabs generally don’t wiggle.