Illustration by Kevin Hand

For fishermen, sometimes good isn’t good enough. From the tinkerings of dissatisfied anglers come lure modifications that home in on very specific bites in very specific conditions. These alterations can turn a cold bite into a hot frenzy. So, tweak away.

Jerk a Muskie


Rig It
Clip off the back end of a big Rapala Jointed Husky Jerk, making sure to snip the wire off the rear section. Attach a split ring (maybe two, to make sure your rear hook rides smoothly), and then attach a 5/0 wide gap hook to the split ring. Now, attach a 5-inch Berkley Hollow Belly swimbait.

Fish It
Cast parallel to the edges of grass beds and simply reel the bait back to you. The wobble of the Husky Jerk enhances the wounded-baitfish look of the swimbait. Set the hook hard.