Winning the Pro Am California Tournament Trail Event was pretty sweet for angler Keith Bryan, but even sweeter was the fact that he may have just broken the spotted bass world record, decking a whopping 10.48 pounder. Bryan casted a 5-inch Yamamoto Senko out into a secluded area of New Melonies Reservoir, when the waters erupted around his lure from a crushing hit.

Bryan, a seasoned angler and owner of Powell Fishing Rods, exclaimed, “She came up several times just so you can see the hook in her mouth about 20 yards away, then she would just rip line and go down.”

The 10.48 pound bass measured 24.5 inches long and had a barrel-chested girth of 22.13 inches. If it stands it would beat the previous record of 10.25 pounds. The greatest accomplishment for Bryan however, is that he released the fish alive.