A crew of anglers dropping a load of chum while trolling near the Gulf of Carpentia in Northern Australia attracts the attention of a load of sizeable sharks that end up trailing the boat.

Actually, such a “load” is sometimes called a “shiver” and this one, no doubt, stimulates precisely that reaction to most who will view this video.

Here are a few things to note about this event:

1. If you think big fish only eat big stuff, watch these 6-foot-plus biting machines nosh on the drifting baitfish. The ocean is vast and meals can be few and far between; therefore, there’s a little bit of scavenger in even the fiercest of predators.

2. If you’ve ever doubted the power of consistent chumming, note the nearly trance-like fixation these predators have fallen into. Locked onto the scent source, it’s likely the boat will run out of fuel before they run out of interest.

3. Next time you feel the need to dip your hands in the water to wash off the blood and guts, use a bucket or the wash down hose. Most sane folks will avoid such moves with fins and shadows visible on the periphery, but it’s those sneaky ones that hang below the boat that worry me.