River Monsters Sneak Peek: Jeremy Wade vs Piraiba Catfish

Jeremy Wade stopped by the Outdoor Life office this week while making the media rounds to promote his new season of River Monsters (it premieres April 6, 9 p.m. ET on Animal Planet).

Unlike a lot of fishing shows out there, people who fish can actually watch River Monsters without too many eye-rolls (it seems most of the other fishing shows on major cable networks are made for people who’ve never stepped foot in a boat). Sure, the show plays up plenty of dramatic angles, but at least Wade is a real, hardcore fisherman.

For six seasons Wade has traveled the world chasing the most dangerous species of freshwater fish. For the purpose of his show, he tries to catch the biggest fish possible, so this usually means he fishes with cut bait and heavy tackle.

His sixth season took him to South America where he fished the Amazon River and some of its tributaries.

Check out a sneak peek from his sixth season…