When my church resumes its Fishing Faith and Fun youth clinics in January, one of the basic points that program director Campbell Middlebrooks and his team will stress to beginners is to mash down barbs.

Flattening the part of the hook that helps keep fish buttoned up is a good way to help ensure the safety of young anglers and a safe release for the fish.

Rebel Lures just made this easier with its MicroCritters lineup. These kid-sized versions of popular Rebel baits like the MicroCrawfish, MicroMinnow, MicroHopper, and MicroPop-R come with a single barbless hook instead of the treble hooks found on the full-sized models.

Rebel Lures general Manager Bruce Stanton points out that the MicroCritters series was created with the belief that young anglers deserve the same quality tackle you’d find in the adult market. The only difference here is that changing the hook configuration helps keep the sport safe and convenient for small hands.

“We talk about these lures being safer for kids to use, but they’re also better for the fish, too,” said Stanton. “With easier hook removal, a youngster can get the fish back into the water faster, ensuring it’s there to help create another angler in the future.”

Set to debut at ICAST (July 16-18), the MicroCritters series will be available through retailers this fall. For more on Rebel Lures, visit

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