tuna fishing
Wicked Tuna Captain Dave Marciano shares his best tuna tips.

The action is heating up in the ocean canyons of the Northeast—it’s tuna time. Massey Canyon off New Jersey has garnered most of the attention for bluefin and yellowfin tuna thus far, but the relatively stable weather has both charterboat captains and recreational boats up and down the east coast heading out in the hunt for fresh sushi. Tuna, however, can be hard to find and notoriously finicky. So what’s the key to catching tuna? Who better to ask than Wicked Tuna Captain Dave Marciano? Here are his 3 best strategies for catching tuna.

1. You have to look for bait—find the bait and you’ll find the fish. Of course, you use your electronics to find bait, but also hunt for birds and whales. In the canyons, bait and tuna will be along the temperature breaks. Up here in New England, we fish structure—humps, bumps, and upwellings where baitfish congregate.

2. Best baits include herring, sandeels, whiting, squid, mackerel. Trolling works, too, but it’s not my forte’. I prefer fishing the chunk bite and come prepared with lots of different baits.

3. Fresh bait and sharp hooks—those are truly the most important things.

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