Unlike virtually every other fishing lure on the market today, the Mepps in-line spinner isn’t designed to imitate anything. Yet this classic, invented in 1938, has garnered legions of loyal anglers. Here’s everything you didn’t know about this favorite.

mepps spinner

200 Million: Number of Mepps spinners sold in the U.S. alone since 1960.


6,034: Number of Mepps spinner combinations available

15: Number of past or present world-record fish caught with a Mepps. Plus 62 state and line-class records

Mepps buys squirrel tails starting at 16 cents. So far they’ve bought 7,720,972 since the 1960s. You can see their price list here.

5,475: Greatest number of squirrel tails sent in by one hunter. 65,000 to 300,000 tails are sold to Mepps each year.


Mepps is an acronym for Manufacturier D’Engins de Precision Pour Peches Sportive. Or in English: Precision Equipment for Sport Fishing.


Top 5 spinner-blade colors:


12%: Anglers who picked the No. 5 Mepps Aglia as their lure of choice if limited to using just one lure for the rest of their lives.*

*_Field & Stream, March 2008_ / Photos of Mepps and Squirrel Tail Cliff Gardiner & John Keller