If you want catch bass during winter, you’ve gotta have your head in the game. And while you’re at it, you’ve gotta have your head in something warm.

For running spot-to-spot, Bassmaster Elite Series pro Jason Christie goes heavy duty on the head gear, but he also has a plan for keeping warm while he casts.

“I use a motorcycle helmet while I’m running because it blocks the wind,” Christie said. “When I’m fishing, I use a simple beanie [over my hat], which holds the heat on your head.

“When it gets real cold, I might put a couple of hand warmers in my hat to add heat under the beanie.”

Motor cycle helmets can be rather pricy, but for a more affordable option, consider a Save Phace Sport Utility Mask (below). The breathable face shield with sturdy head straps blocks wind, rain, and flying insects.

California pro Ken Maj knows that those first-quarter tournaments on western gems like Shasta Lake can bring bitter cold mornings, so he goes with a SIMMS windproof beanie, which blocks that brutal wind chill.

JT Kenney rarely needs the cold gear on his Florida home waters, but traveling on the FLW Tour exposes him to plenty of bone-chilling environments. For such times, he dons a fleece cap with full face mask.


Hunters know that the balaclava is a versatile piece of outdoors wear that converts from a neck gaiter, to a full face mask in seconds. Who cares if it’s camo? If it keeps you warm in the tree stand, it’ll work on the lake.

For those winter warm-ups, I always wear a Buff for a couple of reasons. First, even during a warming trend, you’ll still feel some cool air biting at your face when running, so pulling the Buff up to the edge of my sunglasses shields me from the sting.

Also, in any conditions pulling the Buff over the back of my head locks my prescription glasses and my fit-over sunglasses on my head. Even with straps, this just keeps everything in place.

What do you wear?