You think a Black Friday doorbuster special brings the crazy? Well, take a look at what happens each fall, as the last remaining pods of baitfish fall out the coastal inlets on Florida’s West Coast.

It’s supply and demand 101. Predators know that big schools of scaled sardines (“pilchards”), threadfin herring (“greenbacks”), and Spanish Sardines are easy pickings as they flourish throughout the bays and estuaries from early spring through right around Halloween. But once the serious cold fronts begin marching through the region, any remaining baitfish will migrate out the passes and head south to warmer South Florida waters.

Run and a dog will chase you. Take a kid’s candy and he’ll want to grab it back. If you can overlook all the metaphors, the bottom line is this: The fall baitfish migration puts predators in full-on feeding mode, and that means opportunities aplenty.

Now, we’re hitting the tail end of this seasonal deal, but when shoppers clear the shelves of that must-have sale item, you can bet that the final round of restocking will meet eager shoppers lined up to grab the last ones.

Same thing with the late-season baitfish pushes. When outgoing tides bring those hapless forage fish piling out the passes, the water literally boils with a host of hungry predators including tarpon, sharks, mackerel, bonito, bluefish, cobia, jacks, ladyfish, and big blue runners.

Now, let’s look at the very precise, situation-specific formula for selecting the right bait for this scenario. Open your tackle box, pull out a bait, tie it on, and throw it into the water.

No kidding. If ever there was an anything-goes scenario, this is it.

For a more dialed in approach, you can’t go wrong with the castability and versatility of lead head jigs with shad tails or soft plastic jerk baits. Artificial shrimp, minnow profile flies, and topwaters also get plenty of attention.

The best part about this deal is that if catch-and-release is your preference, you’ll find the return policy is pretty good.