Grand Slam Western

Meet Stuart Littlefield of Kansas City, Kansas. Stuart was the lucky winner of our first Outdoor Life Grand Slam Adventure, where he encountered his dream hunting scenario: a Western big-game hunt.


Stuart Littlefield
Kansas City, Kansas

Stuart’s hunting experience prior to winning the Western Adventure trip:

Waterfowl with shotgun, upland game with shotgun, turkey with shotgun, whitetail with bow and rifle.

Stuart’s winning application for the Western Grand Slam Adventure:

I have hunted upland game birds and waterfowl since I was sixteen. I started hunting deer and turkey about eight years ago. Fortunately, living in Kansas, I have the opportunity to hunt trophy whitetail deer, but I have always dreamed of going on a Western hunting adventure. Throughout all of my time in the field, Remington has always been there with me. From my 870 that I use in the field and the blind, to my Model Seven that I carry in the woods. I chose Remingtons because they are dependable and simple. My time in the field lately has been that of a teacher and mentor. I have a young son and three nephews who have become my new “hunting buddies.” When we are not hunting or fishing, we spend time talking about ethics and safety. I have been with them when they shot their first ducks and their first deer. One of them shot a banded goose on his fourteenth birthday! Being able to share in these experiences and watching them grow into responsible hunters has been more rewarding than anything I have ever done.

Stuart’s reaction to finding out he was the winner of the Western Grand Slam Adventure:

To say that I am overwhelmed would be an understatement. I have dreamt of a big-game hunt for years.