I’m working on a photo gallery for on the best quail dogs and wanted to get your input on which breeds you believe are the most adept and qualified for chasing the diminutive fowl.

Think about the diverse terrain various species of quail can be found in–from thick Southeast pine forests in Georgia to the wide-open expanses of West Texas to the hills of Southern California–and you can see that the best quail dog would have to be comfortable in many different situations. Not to mention tained well enough to allow a hunter a shot over them in those various habitats.

With quail traveling in coveys, often surprising the flushing-dog hunter, I’d have to say a pointing breed would make the best quail dog. But that leaves a lot of room for individual choices.

So what say you Gun Dog aficianados? English pointer? Setter? Brittany? Pointing Lab? Vizla? Springer spaniel? German wirehair or shorthair pointers?

I’m going to ask a pro or two what breeds they think make the best quail dogs and what the pros and cons are for each of those breeds. Lets see if our list of dogs and qualifications match or differ from theirs. If you want, send me a pic of your dog and I might be able to get it into the gallery to be featured here on the site. Email it to: