One of the great perks of working in the hunting and fishing industry is getting to go on some amazing trips, see the country/world and meet those involved in the outdoors. We get to see how companies come up with innovations, how they’re working to improve existing products and who they’re working with in creating everything you and I like to use when afield.

I have one of those trips coming up. It’s sponsored by DT Systems, and will take place in Kansas in about a week or so. We’ll get to see all the great products, from e-collars to bird launchers, that DT has, is working on and will be unveiling. Like most guys, I love gear. Especially dog gear. It should be a fun trip. But I need your help.

One of the biggest things I’m excited about, though, is meeting the pros that work with DT. I love sitting back and watching a pro work with a dog. You can see, actually, you can feel, the connection and respect the animal has for them. I learn something every time I around them.

The problem I have however, is that I’m very cerebral. I like to watch, absorb and apply what I’m seeing. I ask questions, but tend to think about things and try to put them into context first. It’s usually after I’m home and have let my brain stew on what transpired that I come up with all sorts of questions, comments and anecdotes.

That’s where you come in. I know one of the pros that is supposed to be on hand for at least a day is George Hickox. The well-known bird-dog trainer will be handling e-collars and other bird-dog gear and questions and giving training demos. Another pro, Dan Ihrke, who has multiple dogs in this week’s HRC Grand, will be doing the same for retrievers.

What I’d like from you is: questions you might have about training, e-collars, using remote bird launchers, handheld dummy launchers and the like. Then, maybe, I won’t be so fixated on what and how the pros are saying that I forget to ask questions that you will find interesting or helpful!

Simply post your questions in the comments section below and I try to get Mr. Hickox and the other pro(s) to answer some/all of them.