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From Smittie125 (winner of the DT Systems Super Pro Launcher)

I have a female German Shorthaired Pointer. She is 3 years old. I’m having a hard time getting her to stay on point. She will point quickly but then she will chase and flush right after; she will not stay on the point. I have used the “whoa” command on her and it works when we are not hunting. However, I cannot stop her when we hunt. It’s like she gets in another zone when she sees the bird. I have tried everything. I have a shock collar that I can use on her. What can I do to keep her on point the entire time when she finds a bird?

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From 2Labs

I have two female chocolate labs. One is eight years old and the other is one. I am wondering how I can get my one year old to retrieve pheasants. She will retrieve any dummy or ball you throw to her and has watched my eight year old lab retrieve pheasants but she will not pick a one up herself. She we go to where it landed and keep it there but won’t pick it up. What can i do to make her retrieve?

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From Hunter6

I have a 5 year old black lab and he love’s to run and of course hunt. He has one big problem though while pheasant hunting he doe’s real well until he spook’s a deer. so how can i get him to stop chasing them ? Is there such a cure. thank’s in advanced hunter 6.

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From Brittle

How old should a dog be before introduction to gun?

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From Uplander12

Would you recommend using a beeper on a young dog that hasn’t had that much time in the field if you’re hunting in high cover?

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From Aalyea

I am training a 5 month old wirehair, she is sometimes reluctant to come back in when called. Too distracted or interested in the smells around her, and driven to hunt. Is this too young to introduce an ecollar with paging, not stimulation?

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From graystarghost

How can you get a one year old lab/retreiver mix give the toy back. So it will give up a bird instead of eating it after the shot.

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From Porfirio

My eight month old lab fetches three or four times very well, but then she stops picking it up. Am I asking too much from her? How can I get her to fetch more?

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From TigerRebel

My Boykin Spaniel knows to sit on the whistle or verbal SIT, but when there is some distance between the two of us, he tends to take his sweet time before putting his butt on the ground. How can I encourage him to SIT immediately without wandering around or staring at me before doing it?

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