We had nine questions submitted for the DT Systems dog-training seminar in Kansas this past weekend. Many of them were very good questions and covered several of the most common problems for dog owners/trainers.

All of the questions were answered by either George Hickox or Dan Ihrke in a video format, which I’ll be posting.

However, the winner of the DT Systems Super Pro hand-held dummy launcher is…

OL user Smittie125. While there were many good questions, Smittie’s question was a multi-layered, multi-dimensional problem that will require a solid foundation to be laid out for the dog.

Hand-held dummy launchers are very commonly used for retrievers, but they can be used for the pointing breeds, too. They can be handy for working on steady to “wing”, shot and fall, and many other aspects.

In Kansas, we got to play with the company’s products, from e-collars to the launcher to bird launchers. The DT Systems Super Pro Launcher is nice launcher that can shoot dummies to 100 yards or more. The best thing about it, however, is that there is very little recoil. I’ve shot some handhelds that have left my wrist aching and causing me to flinch with each shot. That’s not usually a problem with the Super Pro!

Smittie125, contact me at with your name, mailing address and other personal info and I’ll get DT Systems to ship out your new Super Pro Launcher!

Congrats, and thanks for the question!