For those Gun Doggers that only read the online version of Outdoor Life, you’re only getting half the information. The internet is notorious for delivering content in great tonnage, and there’s incredible stuff here and to be found elsewhere online (and even more lousy half-truths and outright myths), but the magazine explains and illustrates many concepts in much more detail. Take the Dec/Jan issue of OL (on newstands now) for example. While it would make an excellent blog, I have an article in there on the deadly dangers of winter and how to keep your pup safe.

In the article I cover the risks water (freezing temps and strong currents), ice (sheet ice, thin ice or ice that cuts the dog), snow (crusted snow that shreds upland dogs’ legs and ice-balls that form between the toes of long-haired dogs), deadfalls (logs, limbs, sticks and jams) and dehydration pose to your dog if you’re not vigilant in keeping a eye out and taking the proper precautions. Those precautions might be as simple as using a piece of equipment like a towel or as big of a deal as avoiding hunting an area altogether (really, pretty simple decision if your dog’s life could be compromised).

We all enjoy spending time with our dogs. Training, hunting and hanging around the house. I know the hunting season is short, but putting your dog at risk isn’t worth a couple of birds and winter scenarios have a way of turning deadly quickly. Play it smart and think things through for your pup’s sake and check out the newest issue of OL.

If you already subscribe to it or do pick it up on newstands, take a look at my article and let me know what you think!